Thursday, March 13, 2008

Legislature Passes Local Farms-Healthy Kids Bill

It may not make school lunch taste any better, but the Legislature approved a bill Tuesday that will put Washington-grown produce on the menu in school cafeterias around the state.
Senate Bill 6483 relaxes food-purchasing regulations to allow schools and state-run institutions to buy fresh produce and meats from Washington farmers -- even if locally grown products cost a little more than their processed or canned counterparts.
Additionally, the measure creates a number of pilot programs and grants that would allow food banks to accept local produce, allow farmers markets to accept food-stamp cards, and pay for Washington-grown fruits and vegetables to be served at schools where more than half of students get free or reduced lunch.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

School Lunches May Get to Go Local!

The Local Farms-Healthy Kids legislation passed the State of Washington House of Representatives yesterday due, in no small part, to support from concerned citizens around the state.

Michael Bennett, President of Pacific Prepak, a local food processing and distribution company, wrote a great Op-Ed with Joan Crooks of the Washington Environmental Council on the bill: Local Farms — Healthy Kids a hearty investment.