Monday, November 19, 2007

Popular Political Blog Addresses School Lunches

Over at Daily Kos, an extremely popular progressive blog with lots of contributors, a writer with alias OrangeClouds115 has written an article, provocatively called Vegetables of Mass Destruction - Farm to Cafeteria that addresses nutrition requirements, budget limitations and other barriers. The author refers to the Seattle farm-to-school concerns in the PI articles last month, as well as to a number of other articles we've noted on this blog. There are 125 comments, and lots of them at the top are not on topic, but there are some interesting ones buried deeper in the list. One parent, "Zic" says,
Big problem? The prices the schools can pay mean most farmers would actually loose money on the deal. Remember, farmers need to pay labor, insurance, and retirement out of their meager take, as well as taxes, equipment, etc.
That's part of the problem, people buy food based on price not on quality.