Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Direct Quote from Seattle PI

The Seattle PI Editorial Board responded to the WA Post article about high food costs and school lunches. Since it's short, I'm posting it in its entirety. Enjoy!

School Lunches: It's still good food
Last updated April 15, 2008 5:24 p.m. PT

Rising food costs, which already have hit home, are going to school, too. But it's important to maintain schools' increasing emphasis on healthy eating.

A Washington Post report says some school districts are cutting costs and even switching back to less-healthy but popular fatty items for snacks. Here is the new reality: Food in general, and healthy food in particular, will cost more. That includes school lunches.

Seattle Public Schools' David Tucker said budget discussions have raised the possibility of increasing prices next year. That may well be the financially responsible course.

Just as important in our view, Tucker said there are no plans for changes in nutrition content for lunches or the exemplary rules on healthy vending products. We hope that becomes the standard across a state where the Legislature has recently approved new efforts to get fresh, local foods into cafeterias. At a time when childhood obesity threatens an explosion of health problems, cutting corners on healthier menus would be a mistake, no matter what the cost pressures.
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