Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The White House garden

There was a special culinary showdown for Iron Chef America where the First Lady gave the chefs their special challenge: each team had to create the ultimate meal for America, using the White House Garden as the 'secret ingredient.' After the Iron Chef battle was held at the White House, the Food Network published the garden plot and this information:

Garden Fun Facts
The garden cost $200 to start just seven months ago and has already generated more than 700 pounds of produce
15 volunteers a week, plus five full-time chefs, care for the 1100-square-foot space
Grows six types of lettuce along with greens and spinach, eight types of tomatoes plus tomatillos, and five types of cucumbers – plus dozens of other varieties of vegetables, herbs and fruits.

  • First of its kind here since Eleanor Roosevelt's time

  • Near this spot is a one-of-a-kind bee-hive that has produced 134 pounds of honey.

  • Fruits and vegetables that Thomas Jefferson grew at Monticello are growing in the White House garden.